L’Ennui Suzy

Lately, I’ve been catching up on the most recent season of Damages. Yes, it ended in April, but I usually wait until a TV series ends, then download it, so I can watch two or three episodes at a time instead of having to wait a week for a new one. Not to mention avoiding commercials, particularly those for boy problems* and girl problems and various syndromes (why is everything a syndrome now?). Patience is not one of my few virtues, so pretty much the only things I watch live are sports and sometimes the news (though I think the news can be summed up nearly every day by saying the messed up parts of the world are still messed up, someone shot someone, and there’s a missing kid somewhere).

Anyway, everyone on “Damages” is spying on or secretly taping everyone else, and I couldn’t help thinking how insanely bored someone would get staking out my house.

“The car hasn’t moved in four days.”

“She’s coming out of the house…oh, she’s picking up the paper and feeding that stray cat.”

“Leaving the house…going to BART. Must be going to work. She never leaves the office except to go straight home.”

“Car heading in different direction from BART. Oh, it’s the Safeway and the library** again. (They’re right across the street from each other.)

“Can anyone’s life really be this boring? It must be a cover.”

*The number of Viagra ads during the last World Series made me wonder if it was a comment on the players, the viewers, or both.

**A guy was found dead outside my library branch a month ago, though I didn’t hear about it at the time.

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4 thoughts on “L’Ennui Suzy

  1. You re right about television programs, the more cable available, the less choice so it seems. I would rather pick up a good book, or in my case enjoy the outdoors at this time of the year anyways. As far as commercials are concern, they sell everything to make your world better with the exception of ones peace of mind and love for themselves, so nothing really works without the above anyways no matter how strong the product.

  2. Can’t do the download thing (don’t like watching TV on a computer) although renting a series on DVD is always nice.

  3. This is so funny. No doubt my life would be equally boring if I was being monitored. “Oh, she’s letting the dogs out.” “She’s letting the dogs in.” “She’s feeding the dogs.” “And they’re back out; no…scratch that they want back in the house.”

    l’ennui indeed. So funny.

  4. Mike – I never watch anything on the computer (and can’t understand watching anything on a cell phone). I download it and then burn it to a DVD so I can watch it on the TV!

    Kel – Glad I have such glamorous company in boredomville!

    Guy – I wish you ran the world.

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