Happy Friday!

Friday was finally sunny after weeks of fog and clouds. Though we don’t get rain this time of year, I do find day after day of overcast skies depressing. I don’t know how people who live in notoriously cloudy and rainy locales like Seattle can stand it.

So the sun had definitely lifted my spirits as I made my way home from the bus stop. I picked up a bottle of wine at the liquor store and cracketeria, and admired the fairy-tale white blooms on the trees as I walked down the street (not for the first time, I wished I could rehabilitate my camera and share a picture of them with you – undoubtedly, the garden-savvy could tell me what they were). I was feeling all sunny and careless, as Christopher Robin would say.

When I got home, there were no (overdue) bills in the mail. Yay! I tossed my lovely silver handbag onto the couch, along with my few keys on their adorable Louis Vuitton keychain (one of the few remaining relics of more prosperous days), and looked for the kitties. Instead, I saw my teapot lying smashed on the kitchen floor. No wonder they were nowhere to be seen.

I took a closer look, thinking maybe I could repair it, but no. I picked up the pieces and went to throw them in the garbage bin outside. June took this opportunity to race outside while I was otherwise occupied.

I tossed the former teapot into the newly-emptied garbage bin and started to look for June. At times like this, it’s really hard to sound all nice when calling her. I saw her under the car, and tried to coax her out.

The process was complicated by Henry’s appearance when he heard my voice. He came running up, meowing his harsh, yet muted meow, and June took off. I chased her, and she ran into the yard next door. You know, the one with the TWO DOGS who bark all the livelong day.

She was immediately cornered by the dogs. I couldn’t get in because the gate is locked. I screamed her name and the son of the house appeared, looking quizzical. He soon saw how it was, and kindly captured the terrified June, who repaid him by scratching him horribly, and passed her to her terrified owner, who was horribly embarrassed. He was really nice about it, and to the dogs’ credit, they didn’t try to attack the intruder. They are apparently all bark and no bite.

I was so glad I’d bought a bottle of attitude adjuster on the way home. Little did I know how much I’d need it!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. I’m so sorry about your teapot….such an important item in the home. Let’s hope it can be replaced v. soon.

    Poor June – I doubt she will want to escape any time soon. I hope she has learned her lesson….


  2. Sorry to hear about the teapot also, if you were near, I have a few, I certainly would love to spare one for you Suzy. As for the adventure with the cat, well you now know that the dogs are just barkers and not dangerous, so you see, the day was not completely wasted after all.

  3. Thank god the dogs didn’t attack her! That would have been beyond horrifying (and if it were my Mom’s dog, he would have because he sees cats as prey not having ever lived with any – he’s all bite, no bark!)

  4. I’ve rarely seen a cat lose a fight with a dog! I think June would’ve made you proud.

    Sounds like a good excuse for a fabulous new tea pot. Oh, wait…those cost money. 🙁

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