The Cat*, the Dog Days, and the Car

I think TCM has been reading my blog. Clearly they were inspired by my Riviera reminiscences, because today they decided to show To Catch a Thief. Set on the gorgeous French Riviera and starring the equally gorgeous Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, it’s one of my favorite Hitchcock movies. Beautiful leads, breathtaking scenery, fabulous gowns by the fabulous Edith Head, and all that jewelry. What’s not to love?

It was a scorching day, and my house was doing its very convincing imitation of a convection oven, so it was about all I could do to lounge on the (unfortunately black leather) couch with a glass of frozen italian soda (lemon) and watch the movie as my brain and cheapo granita slowly melted. Not for the first time, I wondered why California architects have either never heard of insulation, or decided it was wholly unnecessary. Same goes for window screens.

It seems the dog days of summer are here with a vengeance, more frightening than any real dog. So I think I’ll pack up my SNEAKERS and the one pair of socks that don’t have holes in them and head up to see my sibs later this week. I’ll escape the mind-numbing heat, and we can talk more about the potential move and maybe come up with a decision on the Green Acres Experiment.

Oh, and my brother sold my old Mustang! It’s been sitting sadly in his driveway for the past few years, undriven but still beautiful. I brought it up there when I could no longer afford to park it in San Francisco, and it’s been there ever since. The guy who bought it knows that it hasn’t been driven in a few years, but my brother still got him to pay $500 over the asking price. Nice, n’est-ce pas?

I superstitiously immediately thought that it would pay for the move. Hmmm.

*The Cat is Cary Grant’s alias in the movie. In case you thought I meant one of my cats.