Tea for Me

My new teapot

They were playing “Boys Don’t Cry” at the Safeway today. It was kind of unnerving to hear The Cure while you’re in the produce aisle. It just seemed wrong, like the first time I heard a Talking Heads song Muzak-ized in an elevator. Maybe you know you’re getting old when the bands of your youth are played in supermarkets and elevators. Imagine how weird it will be to hear a Muzak version of “My Name Is” or “Single Ladies”.

I’m pleased to announce that I finally have a new teapot, to replace the one the kitties broke* two months ago. It was remarkably difficult to do this. I went to Emeryville, which is basically a big mall, and looked in five different stores. Williams-Sonoma only had tiny, expensive ones. Pottery Barn only had tiny, hideous ones (which were also expensive). EQ3 was sold out, and the West Elm employee looked at me as if I asked for a flying saucer or a hoop skirt when I asked her for a teapot. I even went into the Starbucks section of Barnes & Noble, and found nothing but long lines and commuter cups.

I gave up and went home, where I found my teapot on line. It matches the microwave and coffeemaker, and, as it happens, the kitchen cupboards in my possible house-to-be. I might have news on that as soon as tomorrow.

*On the other hand, Audrey smashed the lid of my garlic house today. I’d had it for many years. Is a house any good without a roof? And is the rate of breakage an increasing trend?