Yesterday afternoon, I was eating hummus and watching a re-run of Monk when my landlords appeared at the front door. Since the doorbell doesn’t work, they actually said, “Knock, knock”, though I failed to ask who was there, being fully occupied by being totally surprised.

They had come to operate on the poor, sickly lawn. They brought a sprinkler with a timer and a bunch of seed, so I guess the already insane water bill will go up. Hopefully the transfusion will help the grass regain its youth and vigor. Plastic surgery is never cheap.

I was completely taken aback by their sudden appearance. I also had to admit to them that I had inadvertently killed the hose for the front lawn by mowing it, but they didn’t seem to mind and just used the hose from the back yard instead. I imagine Henry fled the scene of such unaccustomed industriousness, especially in the afternoon heat. The girls were fascinated, running to the back porch to see what they were doing in the back yard, then racing to the front door to try and see what they were up to there. Guard cats!

It just figures that they decided to fix the lawn now, when I’m probably moving. I felt weird talking to them, like I was cheating on them or something, and guilty for not watering the lawn more or enough or whatever.

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6 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. I don’t think I’d want to pay for the price of making the grass green…. hopefully the landlord is covering that cost on the next water bill!

  2. Things like this tend to happen whenever you make a decision to do something about a bad situation. Don’t let this small gesture from the landlord change your mind about a good thing that’s about to be realized for you, too little, too late I say.

  3. I think lawns are just wrong in this part of the world, where it doesn’t rain all summer. Seems like a real waste of resources. But it’s not my house. They did say they’d help me out with the water bill. But the water bill is 90% fees, 10% water use, so….

  4. The funeral home next door to me waters EVERY FRIGGIN’ DAY…it makes me crazy. That is so not necessary. Hell, they’ve watered in the middle of a rainstorm. What a complete waste of water.

    I just noticed that you have Positive Detroit in your blogroll. You totally rock.

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