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Now We Are Six (Months)
December 8th, 2010 by suzy in Cats

It’s getting a little crowded. Clyde is on the top.

Roscoe and Clyde are six months old today! As you can see in the picture above, they are bigger than ever. I wonder how much longer they will both fit in Henry Etta’s old bed.

The other day, I caught all three of them sleeping on my bed. I’m willing to bet that Audrey was there first, and the kittens came up after she was asleep. She still growls at them several times a day and probably spends a lot of time plotting their demise. Not that you can tell from this:

It’s hard to tell that the boys are both there, unless you count ears, so here’s another angle:

When they are asleep, it’s hard to believe that they are as naughty as they are when they’re awake. Last night, I woke up to a crinkling noise. At first I thought that it was the kittens playing with the Christmas lights on the banister, but a bleary closer inspection revealed that they had somehow managed to open the drawer with the treats in it and bite the bag open. I had to remove them from the drawer no fewer than four times while relocating the treats to an undisclosed location. I have to admit I kind of admired their ingenuity and tenacity, though.

They still come racing into the house to use the litterbox, even though the whole outdoors is their salle de bains. I think they are still too young to get through the night without it, though. And it’s going to be hard to wean them off it when it’s cold and wet outside. I would like to be free of it, though. I had to keep it for Henry after we moved (since she rarely went outside) and then had to start it all over again when I got the boys. I think we all know who’s in charge here, and it’s not the humans.

I wrote this whole entry with my right hand, since Clyde is curled up purring with my left arm around him. I don’t think Clyde will ever be too grown-up to cuddle me. And I hope the boys don’t outgrow sleeping and playing together.

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They are so cute. And they look so innocent when they’re asleep

You know, I was thinking…that’s gotta be a lot of cat poop.

Our kitties do take up a lot of our time…but when they are good, they’re very very good – but when they are bad…they are horrid.. Though I still have to smile despite it all. I know that they are the ones in charge…


No doubt in anyones mind, animals rule, they take over as soon as they feel the love we have for them. It’s true, these guygs are getting big and fast, oh so cute.

cuddling cats are the best!

Well, it’s just the boys. A litterbox is beneath Audrey’s dignity.

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