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Merry and Bright(er)
December 5th, 2010 by suzy in Special Occasions

It was bright and sunny when I woke up this morning, filling my pretty little head with thoughts of taking the dogs to the beach, especially after noting that it was already 50 degrees. But after a couple of cups of coffee and a peek at PostSecret, the clouds seem to be taking over.

Good thing I put up the Christmas lights inside and the wreath on the door to cheer things up:

I like the “Batman” angle.

There’s no way I can have a tree with the Bad News Boys around, so this will have to do.

It should be a pretty merry Christmas. Erica and Jessica will be with us (and I think they’ll be pleased with their stockings), and our good friend Paul is joining us, all the way from Florida. You may remember that Paul actually lived in my house about ten years ago, and was also my host in the Hamptons and in Florida, so it’s about time we hosted him for a change. He always has a million stories, and he always makes me laugh. I can’t wait to see him.

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Lights are so pretty…you are so clever with your decorating.

Sounds like a pretty good Christmas coming up for you all.


I remember we foolishly got a tree when Bernoulli was a kitten. It was in the tree stand for all of 3 minutes and he ran up the trunk of the tree, crawled out on a branch and peeked out at us. Funniest tree setting-up ever. Good call on skipping the tree with 2 trouble-makers around!

Decorations look good Suzy, I also decorated and put up the Christmas tree, I just love this time of the year as my mom did, magic is all around she use to say.

You know, in Batman, they only used those angles when a bad guy was onscreen. Just sayin’.


Hahaha! So appropriate! 🙂

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