All In a Day’s Work

We’re not kidding

Well, Megan completed her first full week back at work on this cold, sunny morning.

While she was off, everyone she worked with called to check in on her, including the janitors. Working the night shift brings you close to your colleagues. They know all about each other’s families, ups and downs, and take care of each other on the job. You can imagine her heroine’s welcome back to work last week.

The board showing who was working each night had her name decorated with stars, hearts, and firecrackers all this week.

While my sister was getting back in the swing of things at work, my brother was ignoring his tooth pain to climb down a cliff and rescue an unwitting tourist who got a little too close to the edge of a bluff. Jonathan said that the guy was “broken”, and when I asked what he meant, he listed both shoulders, ankles, legs, etc. The poor guy must have looked like a marionette. Jonathan got a lift by helicopter to the top of the cliff before they took the rescued man to Santa Rosa. I hope he’ll recover from all those injuries.

I’m so proud of my sibs for making a difference in our little community. There’s something truly inspiring about neighbors helping neighbors.

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3 thoughts on “All In a Day’s Work

  1. Jonathan sounds a very brave man. The tourist was very lucky that people, such as Jonathan, are there to help them out in their time of need.
    So pleased that Megan is now back at work.


  2. He really is. I so admire him and the other brave men and women who cover 40 square miles and hundreds of calls – fire and emergency – a year, unpaid and sometimes in serious danger. When my brother showed me the remains of a part of the huge wildfires a couple of years ago, I cried thinking of the terrible peril he had been in. There were trees burned 60 feet high, and he showed me an area where he had hidden under a Mylar blanket so the fire could roll over him. Glad I did not know at the time how terribly dangerous it was.

    Meg’s knee isn’t too happy with her, but she made it through the week.

  3. Everyone needs a heroe in their lives, you are very lucky, you have two of them in your family, I’m so pleased for you.

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