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   Nov 15

City Girl

It’s been a productive day so far

On this bright, sunny morning, I packed up the car and headed toward San Francisco. One good thing about travelling by car instead of the parade of humiliations and inconveniences – all of which you pay for – that is now known as air travel is that you can pretty much bring whatever you want. I for one never go anywhere without at least two feather pillows. This time I brought along a DVD player, so I wouldn’t be subjected to the boredom of network TV and all those commercials. You know how I feel about boredom.

Traffic was good to me as I drove past the ocean and through the stands of ancient redwoods; past the rolling hills of Sonoma, golden and red with vine leaves, dotted with sheep and lambs. The extra lane now completed near Santa Rosa has made the traditional Santa Rosa slowdown a thing of the past. I don’t think I’ll miss it, though.

My heart lifted as it always does when I cross the Golden Gate Bridge and see my beautiful city, brilliant in the sunlight. It was a postcard day, the Bay dotted with lazy sailboats and hard-working ferries. I arrived at my modest motel, just a few blocks from my gracious former apartment, at about 2:00. I called Megan to tell her I arrived safely (thanks to my Mouse) and to thank her again for taking care of the kitties while I’m gone.

After I decanted everything into the room, I set my computer to download some Christmas movies for Jessica and wasted no time in going to Polk Street. First stop was the French bakery, where I wasted no time in indulging in a canelé de Bordeaux, my favorite:


It was heavenly.

Next up was more mundane shopping, such as picking up things I forgot to bring with me at Walgreens, and buying food for the kitties at Bow Wow Meow, where they have everything. They have bags and bags of the cat food I have to special order in Hooterville. Maybe I’ll stock up while I’m here.

Finally, I stopped in at my favorite cheap nail salon to get the lovely manicure you see above. Due to the hotel room light, it looks golden, but it’s actually silver and sparkly. Usually I get understated nail polish, like Essie’s Ballet Slipper or OPI’s Bubble Bath, but today I felt sparkly and went with OPI’s Happy Anniversary. It was so nice to feel pampered and watch the passers-by.

Plans for tonight include having Thai food delivered from my friends at Lemongrass and a drink or two while watching a movie. It’s well into the 70s today – hard to believe it’s the middle of November. Tomorrow I have to be up bright and early for a day full of meetings. I’ll try and fit some fun in, though.

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  1. Guy says:

    Nothing like mixing pleasure with business, enjoy it all Suzy, you deserve a break.

  2. Joy says:

    What a fun time you are having…. Enjoy your city-time….


  3. suzy says:

    I got it on Polk Street. I love wearing it with real diamonds. Mix’n’match!

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