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Office Cat
April 23rd, 2012 by suzy in Cats,Work

Meet Digit, the office cat!

My co-worker Erin and I have been (subtly) campaigning for an office cat at the jobette, facing opposition from our dog-owning colleagues. Finally, Erin was able to persuade the CEO that we needed a cat, for mouse hunting purposes as well as decoration and purring purposes. And, you know, giving a homeless animal a home.

We went to the shelter at lunch, and explained our requirements. We needed a cat who could be alone at night and most weekends without being sad or lonely, yet could tolerate visitors. (S)He would have to stay inside, since we are on one of the main streets in the big town. So: friendly, yet independent.

They immediately recommended one of their cats who has been staying at the local thrift shop while waiting for a home. They felt she would be perfect. But we wanted to see the other cats as well. We were pleased to hear that they did not have many cats to place, especially since it is a no-kill shelter.

We spent some time with the available cats, and then decided to go and see the recommended cat. She was lounging on her cat bed, and it was pretty much love at first sight. She is about three years old, and was a stray, so her past is shrouded in mystery. She has extra toes on all four paws, and her name is Digit! She is now our office cat. Here you see her relaxing in her new home:

The thrift store employees were all sad to see her go, and said she was the most amazing cat ever. We said that they can always come and visit her, and they were really glad. I imagine Digit might get more visitors than the office does!

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6 Responses

What a lovely cat…like the name too. Hope she will be happy in her new home.


YAY!!! What a great idea!! I would so love an office cat. Think the thrift store will go get a new resident? 🙂

Lovely cat indeed and I agree Digit is a perfect name for an office cat, enjoy the love she’s going to bring to all.

The thrift store was displaying her for adoption – the idea being lots of potential adoptees could see her there. The shelter also displays adoptable cats at the feed and pet food store for the same reason. The profits of the thrift store go to the shelter anyway – it’s called State of the Ark! 🙂

I hope Digit will be happy with us. I’m looking forward to seeing her today.

What a cutie! I guess Cato’s my office cat although all he ever wants is more food.

I think Cato may be the best cat name ever. He certainly is a handsome gentleman.

Of course he wants more food – it’s hard work being an office cat and a house cat!

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