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December 10th, 2011 by suzy in Country Life,Special Occasions

This morning, Audrey woke me up about ten minutes before six. I went downstairs to let her out, put on the outside lights, and ventured out into the chilly, pre-dawn darkness.

One of the few good things about my old nemesis is that it makes it possible to see about 1000 times more stars than you can in the city. Sometimes there are so many stars that they are a huge hazy galaxy instead of individually set sparkling diamonds.

This morning, however, the sky was studded with about a million and a half stars, the perfect setting for the eclipsing moon, which I could see through the black trees.

The moon was a rich, luminous orange as it reached the total eclipse. As I gazed in wonder, a shooting star streaked over it, leaving me gasping in amazement. A little white trail briefly lingered, and then vanished into my heart and memory forever.

I stood there stunned for a little while, hardly able to believe what I had just seen. Hours later, I am still deeply moved. Something happened to me on this early winter morning, as night turned to day. But I don’t have the words to express it. I just have the feeling. And the memory of something incredibly special.

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How wonderful and lovely!

As the kids on the interwebs say these days: show me photo or it didn’t happen. (of course, *I* believe you)

I tried – but my camera refuses to take pictures in the dark. I really need a better camera!! Also the shooting star took me by surprise – I probably wouldn’t have gotten the camera ready in time. Even if it could have taken the shot!


I’m not a spiritual person, but it was a mystical experience. It really was.

I am spiritual and I can appreciate what you have experienced, this happens to me every time I see such beauty, it is there every day in one form or another if you let it happen. The earth and everything it contains is a gift. As spiritualist there is an acceptance of one another, there is deep respect for everything in nature that surrounds us.

You are so right. I still feel kind of stunned by the whole thing, changed.

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