Ironically, after posting that last entry about how much I hate driving, I went to the DMV yesterday.

Ever since I got my license, I have renewed it by mail, but this year, I got a notice saying that I had to go in person. I couldn’t help wondering if it was because I’m about to be really old in a couple of weeks. After all, Jessica had observed a couple of years ago that I no longer look as youthful as the Self pictured on my license, and I imagine that the sands of time have not started rolling backwards in the meantime.

Not for the first time, I find it incredible that our only two options are old age and death. Isn’t there a nicer “none of the above”, where a girl can retain her cuteness and vigor?

Such deep thoughts occupied my shallow mind as I walked the two blocks to the DMV from the jobette. Already the Big Town DMV was ahead of the Oaktown DMV, which had to be driven to in a dismal area of town. Arriving at the office, there were two people sitting quietly reading the paper, instead of the disgruntled hordes in Oaktown.

I had an appointment, so I was able to jump the modest queue. I did an eye test, had my right thumb scanned (twice), and was relieved of $31 before having my picture taken. The photo part made me realize that I probably should have worn my contacts, but DMV pictures are notoriously bad and I am notoriously unphotogenic, besides already looking ancient to six year olds.

I was given a paper license, which looked a lot like my original permit, and was told that I could expect my new and unimproved license in the mail in a week or two.

The whole thing took about ten minutes, and nothing was stolen. Big Town: 1. Oaktown: 0.

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6 thoughts on “Licensed

  1. I’m reminded by your entry that I’m due to renew my license, car plates and medicare photos and fees coming up this year. It all has to be done and I will but I very much doubt it will all take the ten minutes you were fortunate to spend and at a cost of approximately $200 minimum.

  2. My registration is due in September and that’s usually about $90. The guy at the DMV did say that California licenses are a lot less expensive to renew than they are on the east coast. I paid for my plates when I bought Miss Scarlett back in 2008 (or late 2007) but that was it – we don’t have to pay for them on an annual basis. Maybe the broke State of California is missing out on some revenue opportunities here!

  3. David Byrne’s remark is somewhat worrying!! Maybe he can be wrong!!!?????!!!!!!!! Let’s hope so.


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