Sep 28 2008

We don’t sell shoes, either

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I ran out of milk today, and instead of getting in the car and going to Safeway (or the extremely depressing and dramatically mis-named Lucky), I decided to walk to the liquor store and cracketeria around the corner. I figured they must have milk and juice, along with the Thunderbird, Night Train, and Colt 45.

I looked through case after case of beer and mixers. No milk. Finally, I asked the guy at the cash if they had milk. He just looked at me, and then started laughing. I retreated, milkless, with the sound of his laughter trailing behind me as I headed to the closest of the three gas stations. It turns out you can buy milk at the gas station and no-one will mock you for your choice of beverage.

Gas station milk does seem a little weird, though.

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