The last of the backyard plums, June 24.

Wow, guys. I can’t believe that not one of you wanted to trade with me, even for a weekend. And here I was, thinking I might have missed my calling by not becoming a professional writer of real estate ads.

See if this* changes your mind!

In the meantime, I’m going to visit my brother and sister for a few days, where the dogs don’t bark, the doors don’t lock, and you leave your car keys in the ignition, so you know where they are. It will be a budget adventure, since I’m catching a ride with one friend on the way up and one with Jessica and her mother on the way back. Plans include walking dogs at the local shelter and visiting the farmer’s market.

Maybe we’ll get lucky on the way up. When i think of how many times I’ve driven that stretch of road…

*I did find the pronunciation of “Oakland” pretty funny. Also it’s totally true about Zachary’s. People go nuts about it, yet I personally found it to be on the icky side. Actually, the whole movie is pretty much true – I laughed out loud when I watched it.

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7 thoughts on “Homegrown

  1. Well, there you go Suzy, just as you thought that the whole world was messed up and you could not trust anyone or anything around, you are telling us that there are places where life can be a least decent and peaceful. Does it not make you think that maybe, it would be a good idea to look for such a place, it s worth trying.

  2. Jennifer – I can’t say I’ve actually observed the car dancing. But the slow jaywalkers are definitely true! 🙂

    Guy – Well, my sibs live a four hour drive from my job, so living up there isn’t a practical possibility. At least for now. But I can always visit!

  3. Beautiful photography…… thanks….. The plums look delicious too.

    Enjoy your trip & have a safe journey.


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