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Hot Melted Audrey
April 20th, 2009 by suzy in Uncategorized

It’s 96 degrees as I write at 5:30 pm. The sun can’t get its ass out of here fast enough for me today. I’m kind of offended that it chose my blog’s birthday to be so unreasonable, since my dislike of heat is so well-known, but perhaps the sun was just being extra unreasonable in my honor.

Audrey is stretched out on the table on the porch, trying to catch an errant breeze. I left the girls in charge and went to Wal-Mart to buy a cheap barbecue* today, since the fancy propane one that came with the house (surprise!) doesn’t work. It’s way too hot to cook, and even if everything I could have delivered didn’t suck, I couldn’t afford it, anyway (hence shopping at Wal-Mart). Since I can’t take the heat, I’m getting the hell out of the kitchen.

On the menu tonight: grilled lemon-garlic shrimp soft tacos with fresh cilantro and a salad of field greens with my fabulous shallot vinaigrette. Come on over – you can help do the dishes!

*Which I had to assemble. You can imagine.

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With that meal, I would lick the plates soooo clean they wouldn’t need much washing!! The only catch is that I dislike cilantro, it tastes soapy to me. Can you replace it with Italian parsley…..?

Sorry about all that heat – you will just have to return to Canada!


If you do the dishes, I’ll replace the cilantro!

I’ve heard the “soapy” thing from other people, too. I wonder what causes that?

I agree with Joy, Canada will certainly change your mind about the heat, it’s still -2 in the overnight and ranges from 10 to 15 during the day, come and join us Suzy.

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