Three Cat Night (and Day)

Last night was definitely a three cat night. Or at least this morning was. I woke up to below-freezing temperatures and a discouraging forecast of 38 degrees for the daytime high.

Roscoe was lying on my legs, Audrey next to them and Clyde was on the pillow. As soon as I sat up, though, they ran eagerly downstairs, so perhaps they were just keeping tabs on the food dispenser instead of staying warm or keeping me company.

The living room is cluttered with plants which do not enjoy sub-freezing temperatures (the budding orchids; the aloe vera clipping Lu gave me; the fuchsia) and the cats find them a lot more entertaining inside than outside, where they totally ignored them. The aloe vera was uprooted this morning and one of its branches broken off. I wonder how people handle it when their cats are inside all the time and don’t have the opportunity to use up their naughtiness outside.

Yesterday, it rained steadily all day, so none of the cats wanted to spend much time outside. But they were bored inside, so got up to all kinds of antics. I tried to catch a shot of Roscoe playing in the alcove above the counter where the microwave lives, but this was the best I could do:

No-one looks good in a mug shot.

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  1. guy

    These guys can be a handful in cold weather and kind of hard on plants but you have to admit, they make good heating pads.

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