Week One

Audrey on Alert

Well, the first week of the jobette is over. It’s been a pretty big adjustment for being a jobette, though. Add all that driving and dressing up, and trying to fit in my original job (6 am conference calls, anyone?) to the million and one house and cat related duties, and you have a tired little Suzy at the end of the day. I don’t know how you parents do it, especially the single ones and the ones with more than one job who are also remodeling their kitchen. I am in awe of you all.

It’s been weirdly sunny all week, though the rain is supposed to come back next week, making the drive even more adventurous. People point out to me that it’s a beautiful drive, and it is, but you can’t really look at it when you’re looking at the road and the curves and the many bad drivers out there. I think Miller in “Repo Man” really had something when he observed, “The more you drive, the less intelligent you are,” though it’s a scary thought for my two remaining brain cells.

We had the office door open on Thursday, since it was so warm, and a dog came racing in. She made right for me, even though my desk is in the back of the room, and kissed my nose. Then she rolled over on her back so I could pet her tummy. I saw she had a collar. She then ran out onto the sidewalk, and I made sure she was reunited with her person before I went back inside. Later in the day, a tailless Siamese cat sat outside my window, gazing at me grandly with his magnificent blue eyes before he got bored with me and left. He lives next door, so I should get another visit one of these days.

The ocean is at the foot of the street, so from my office I can hear fog horns and seagulls, as well as the comforting sound of passing cars. It’s right in the heart of town, so it’s easy to get to the library and Safeway as well as drop in on Monica.

The people I work with are really nice, and I already have an office key to add to my rare and precious key collection*. All I have are: car key, post office key, and now office key. I never have to worry about forgetting my house keys, since I have six doors to my house and not one of them locks. In fact, I leave the sliding glass doors open for the cats when I go to work.

It looks like my work schedule will be Monday through Wednesday, which is exactly when Megan works, though I’m getting up when she’s getting home. It will be good to get it all done early in the week, and then I’ll have time for my other job, dog walking, and other important things. I think it will all work out well once I finally adjust.

*The Monogram Groom keychain now features the big, fake diamond from last Christmas’ cracker. I love mixing real and fake accessories.

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4 comments on “Week One

  1. Guy

    It’s always difficult to adjust to a new job, scheduling, traveling etc, sounds like you will do well and will make it work for you I’m certain, be well.

  2. LisaB

    A job where dogs and cats come to visit you sounds pretty awesome! I’m trying to convince my coworkers to turn our empty cubicles into kennels and foster some dogs from the pound, but so far no takers.

  3. Aimée

    A job you enjoy, particularly one with such an awesome location, definitely makes the commute go by more quickly!

  4. Mike Charbonneau

    The answer? Cocaine. Just kidding.

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