PS (Post Snow)

Well, the snow was quite exciting. I guess those of you to whom snow is a common occurrence and nuisance (all that shoveling! Slush! Ugh!), it must seem about as silly as getting excited about a toothache, but it’s a real rarity here. I’m not sure when it last snowed in Hooterville, but in San Francisco, it was 35 years ago.

It was especially nice to observe the snow from the warmth of the house. And it was a “Gilmore Girls” type of snow, where the snow is just plastered on green trees and grass:

so it was like a little trip to Stars Hollow, which made it extra fun. And it melted by noon, making it even more perfect. Everything was wet and shiny in the bright sunlight, as if nothing had happened but the usual rain.

California really does have everything. Ocean, mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, San Francisco, Hollywood, vineyards, centuries-old redwoods, fascinating architecture and history. From San Francisco, and even Hooterville, you can drive for a few hours and go skiing, then drive back to your sunny garden, with no shoveling required (though you will need tire chains on I-80). Even here, in the relative winter frigidity, there is always something blooming.

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3 comments on “PS (Post Snow)

  1. Mike

    I don’t mind some snow; even the odd bit of shoveling. But frankly, I’m getting a bit tired of it. Glad you got to enjoy some if it though. I guess it’s lime us getting those really warm days every now an then.

  2. Joy

    Really does seem a wonderful State…..except for those pesky earthquakes now and then.
    Wonderful to have the snow for such a short time …..just enough time to enjoy it.


  3. guy

    You’re right, California sure sounds like it has everything, be happy the snow is only temporary like Mike says it can be a pain after a while, another storm in Ottawa for Monday.

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