Come on over and set a spell

While my cookie baking skills may be lacking, my shopping skills are unparalleled.

I managed to shop while not being at the store (or online), with no money, and I didn’t even have to bring the purchases home! In fact, the purchases arrived at my house before I paid for them.

How about that?

Yesterday, Megan took our hard-won Rice Krispie Treats to the sneak peek pre-sale Purge Party. It’s an elite event and only the A list is invited, which is why I wasn’t there. That, and my tiara was at the cleaner’s. Megan noticed that were some Adirondack chairs at a ridiculously low price. She called me, and by the time I had made up my mind – a matter of minutes – there were only two left.

Monica agreed to reserve them for me, and I’ll pay her today. Or maybe tomorrow. Rob offered to pick them up and deliver them for me in his trusty truck. So I didn’t have to do a thing, and I’m already “working” on my resolution to improve my outdoor space this year.

Speaking of which: there are now ten sprouts in the pots of tulips!

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2 comments on “Chairy

  1. Guy

    Nice looking chairs, I like the fact that you plan to improve the outdoor scene this coming summer, you have done well indoors and you seem to have so many months of warm weather compared to us in Ottawa, you will be able to enjoy all of your improvements.

  2. Joy

    Looks very smart indeed….Very nice indeed…..I wouldn’t mind some of these.


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