Rainy Monday

Sunday afternoon spider

The halcyon days of sunny days and starry nights are over. I think it’s been three weeks since it rained, and I believe we have another foot of rain due to us. After all, it is winter.

The rain woke me up this morning, clattering on the roof. I have been up before the alarm clock every day I’ve been working, and the only day I had off was Tuesday. I spent the sunny weekend working on my regular job, and now it’s time to start the other one. This week, it’s Monday-Wednesday, so that will get it out of the way, as it were. The only problem is that I have two projects from my regular job which are due on Wednesday. Can she do it?

Before I head to the shower for the lengthy grooming routine, I should probably venture into the rainy darkness to retrieve the orchids and tulips so they don’t get flooded by the rain’s generosity. It’s not an appealing prospect, though, especially since I just did my nails last night (Color: the appropriate Naked Ambition). Is anyone enthusiastic on Mondays?

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3 comments on “Rainy Monday

  1. Joy

    Smashing photo….. Hang in there girl…… There will be a time when you do not have to get up so early, I’m sure….


  2. Guy

    Don’t be so sad about the rain, like you said it’s winter, or you could be here in Ottawa, snow and more snow or cold and more cold. Yes you can do this and more if you set your mind to it whether it’s Monday, Tuesday etc……

  3. suzy

    I’m not sad about the rain. As I said – it’s been almost a month since we had any, and we need it. Also it means no watering the tulips or bringing the orchids in at night, so it’s easier!

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