The Dynamic Duo

It’s no secret that Audrey is not the kittens’ biggest fan. She stares at them in disgust from her perch on the stairs, and whenever they cross her path, they are greeted with the growl’n’swipe. I’ve seen them get the G&S when they’re all outside and the boys are nowhere near Audrey.

But when it really counts – say, keeping the Girl awake when she has to get up at 6:30 and go to work on the following day – they are willing to put their differences aside and work toward a common goal.

Take Tuesday night, for example. While Roscoe slept peacefully in the bed by the heater (his usual spot, unless it’s a three cat night and he’s under the covers), Audrey and Clyde tag teamed me.

Audrey clawed at the balcony door, squeaking her claws against the glass and thumping the cat door. It’s remarkable how much noise that little cat can make. Also how totally relentless she is. She did her usual thing of going downstairs and clawing on that door, then running upstairs to try the balcony door. When all else fails, she claws at the bedskirt and bed, and then starts reaching under the blankets to claw Me.

Told you she was relentless.

While this was going on, Clyde did his patented Smother Snuggle. He stands on the pillow with his back paws facing my face, and then drapes himself over me, making sure that his fuzzy fur goes up my nose. Bonus points for scratching my face while getting into the correct position. I also have to be sure my hands are hidden, or he’ll scratch them, and he also enjoys biting my nose, usually right after I’ve finally drifted off to sleep.

He’s been doing this since he was two months old, but now he’s nearly nine months old and eight pounds, it’s a little less comfortable for Self. Amazingly, though, I can usually fall asleep, listening to him purr. His purr gets slower and spottier, then stops. And with a big sigh, he’s asleep. I find the sigh particularly charming for some reason. And somehow, I can never stay mad at the kitties. Even when they’ve kept me up half the night and it’s time to get up in the early morning darkness.

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3 comments on “The Dynamic Duo

  1. Pascale Soleil

    You give me such an extraordinary case of CAT ENVY! (Yes, aggravations and all.)

  2. Guy

    They sure know how to keep busy these kitties, a little hard on sleep but lots of love and attention in return.

  3. Joy

    You have such patience…. Love your descriptions…… Amazing that the kitties are that old already.


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