The Wide World of Kittens

The kittens have been enjoying the sunny weather as much as I have. Maybe more. I often don’t see them for hours at a time. But when I do, they’re usually doing something funny. Or at least photogenic.

The rare Tree Clyde in his natural habitat:

This is the best picture I could get before he shimmied down the tree. His claws kind of scared me as they dug into the bark. The boys are armed and dangerous!

Logging road Roscoe:

On Sunday, Roscoe came bouncing out of the bushes by the logging road to meet me. He was joined by Clyde. Then they chased each other somewhere. Just another day in the life of kittens!

A bucket o’ Clyde:

I discovered Clyde relaxing in the bucket of sawdust we used to plant the tulips. He seemed perfectly comfortable and hung out there for quite a while.

Rooftop Roscoe:

I went out to water (!) the tulips, and felt a claw on my head. This happens often when I clean out the litterbox, since it’s under a shelf, but I didn’t expect it on the side deck. I looked up, and there was Roscoe. You just never know where those kittens will be.

Not surprisingly, they are sleepy in the evenings. It’s the perfect time to cuddle by the heater:

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2 comments on “The Wide World of Kittens

  1. Guy

    Beautiful photos of the predators, I particular like the one of Clyde in the tree, he looks like a panther in this one. Just a typical day in the life of kittens of course.

  2. Joy

    What wonderful photos. Love the one of the boys resting together at the end of their active day.


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