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April 20th, 2014 by suzy in Special Occasions

Happy birthday to my blog! It’s a sullen thirteen years old today! Tomorrow I’m off to San Francisco, where my blog was born, which seems appropriate. First visit to the City this year – clearly I will not keep up with last year’s record-setting pace of nine trips in twelve months.

At least I remembered this all-important day this year, unlike last year. And for the first time, I realized that my blogaversary falls on 420, the day that celebrates all things marijuana. It’s especially funny since I live in Weed Central. According to the webmaster at the jobette, about 75% of Twitter posts and webs searches about our county are pot-related. For added amusement, I can’t stand the stuff ( I really dislike the smell) and would prefer a cocktail any day or night of the week. I’m old school like that.

In some ways, just having a blog seems to be old school in the light of Twitter, Secret and things like that. Maybe technology years are even more than dog years and my blog is teetering on the brink of antiquity, along with its writer.

Oh, well. New isn’t always improved. Thanks for coming along for the ride so far, and here’s to the next thirteen years! Toast with your intoxicant of choice! 🙂

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Congratulations Suzy, I’ve not been reading your blog for that long but I truly enjoy your writing, photos and stories of far away places you visit, the people, and of course your lovely family, keep it up, your stories are always well written and interesting, thanks for the ride.

Would not like to be without a Suzy Says Blog… Guy has mentioned, it is always well written and always interesting…Try and keep up the good work….Many thanks from an appreciative reader…


Thanks, faithful readers! xo

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