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Out With the Old
December 30th, 2005 by suzy in Bullshit,San Francisco

The apartment has finally been sold. Other than the breathtaking rudeness and generally unpleasant personality of the woman who bought it, the most shocking thing about the entire depressing process was the fun-filled discovery that the seller gets to pay the buyer’s real estate agent, too. The grand total for both agents was $35 grand. Grand for the agents, that is.

I can’t help resenting paying the Other Agent, when all he did was make a spacious apartment in Pacific Heights with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the roof garden and beautiful period details sound like a tenement in Hunters Point. A really good agent can make you totally ashamed of your place in under five minutes.

So let’s take a farewell tour of the place I lived in and loved for well over a decade.

Here’s the outside of the building which dates from 1927.

It’s three blocks from Nicolas Cage’s house
and the famous Haas-Lilienthal House, now a museum.

Guess we all just love to slum it.

This is the living room, which I painted a sunny yellow.

You can see the 250 year old grandfather clock, which has been in my father’s family ever since it was made. The rocking chair was made by my mother’s grandfather from cherry wood, with mother-of-pearl inlays. The plant is called Frank.

Another view of the living room, looking toward the kitchen.

The desk was my beloved godfather’s.

The kitchen, showing the wonderful old Wedgewood stove (it’s more than 50 years old and the best stove I ever had).

Behind the stove and sink are the handmade Italian tiles I had put in. The counters were made by my brother from quarter-sawn white oak. I really hate it that the new owner appreciates none of these things. She complained bitterly that there was no dishwasher. Undoubtedly, she’ll yank it all out and replace it with stainless steel everything and never cook in it, just show it off.

The bathroom has William Morris wallpaper (the frieze is called Willow Bough, and the rug matches) imported from England.

The doorknob on the closet is lead crystal, as are all of the doorknobs in the apartment. The tub is a real cast-iron clawfoot, dating from 1890. I painted the outside green and the feet silver.

Last of all, the bedroom, with another Morris rug and the 1920’s dressing table I got at a yard sale 20 years ago. It turned out to be surprisingly valuable.

You can also see the bay window with a glimpse of the garden.

So there you have it. It doesn’t look that bad, does it?

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It looks wonderful. And the neighborhood sounds rather grand.

My claim to fame in that area is that Art Carney and Sloane Wilson (author) lived down at the end of our street when I lived in New York State.

Best of luck in your next endeavor.

Its absolutely beautiful. I would die to live in a place like that, she’s a very lucky owner to have that place – I hope she soon learns to appreciate it.

I have hated almost every buyer that has bought from me the only exception being the last and I suspect that’s because I was out of town for the sale. I think I just get too attached to my houses or something, and if I had an apartment like yours with all those details – I’d be very attached.

I don’t get that you are responsible for paying for her realtor…didn’t she hire him/her? I hope you really socked it to her on the sale. Your apartment was beautiful but I’m guessing it doesn’t have nearly the load of character your new apartment does, the one with the missing door knob. 🙂

I feel strangely sad. Where to now?

I feel sad, too. I guess endings are always rough. But change is good, right?

Apparently it’s the law that you pay both. Or, if you use the same agency for both, they get the whole 6% or whatever it is. Go figure.

What a beautiful place!

Where are you going???

Whew, thank goodness you’re free of that horrible place! Okay, it’s obviously beautiful and perfectly decorated but where’s the fun in that really? Best to move on to something flawed and in need of lots of work and improvement so you can put your design/decor skills to work.

Hope you guys made a killing on the sale!

I loved that apt (and I think I only ever saw pics). Shit, no wonder people go into real estate, esp. in the Bay Area, when you can make $17,000 with one cheap sale (Bay Area prices).

But it’s done and now you’re free to get that fabulous place in the Tenderloin.

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