Seems we’ve all been wondering what day it is. Even those of us who have never stopped working never seem to know what day or time it is. Sometimes, I find myself wondering what time of year it is, too.

I’m not alone in this. Here are some messages from the local message boards:

Today’s Date Is?(subject line; nothing in body of message)

Response 1:

Medjool dates grow in Dateland Arizona. It’s in Yuma county. I drove thru there on the way to New Mexico from San Diego.

Response 2:

Today’s date is Medjool.

Medjool is a large, sweet cultivated variety of date (Phoenix
dactylifera) from the Tafilalt region of Morocco, also grown in the
United States, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Jordan, Palestine.

The variety is planted both for harvesting and for landscaping. The
Medjool is a distinct landrace, described as producing “large soft
fruit, with orange-yellowish flesh, and a mildly rich and pleasing flavor.”

Israel, with its advanced wastewater recycling technologies, currently
owns more than 60 percent of the global Medjool market share, making it
the largest exporter of Medjool dates in the world.

You’re welcome.

Response 3:

By way of our old and dear departed friend Yogi Berra.

Somebody once asked Yogi what time it was.

He looked back at the fellow and without skipping a beat replied:
“You mean right now?”

Response 4:

Time is….of the essence! So I suppose it’s one of those new perfumes at $38 per ounce?

Response 5:

Right on schedule!

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