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March 3rd, 2016 by suzy in Country Life

You know you live in the country – and a rather eccentric part of the country – when things like this appear on the local message boards.

  1. Wondering who the new kid in town is:

    Anyone know who the new “man on the street” is?

    The fellow on the motorized unicycle wearing a long black coat and carrying a Red Cross bag?

    Responses were as follows:

    “I think it is Dr. Doolittle. He is now working for the Red Cross as an “Emissary on Wheels”. I understand that he can “talk to the animals”! Listen in on his conversations with the stray cats in the neighborhood. Very meowing. “

    “Mystery solved!

    He is a healer using many modalities, (hence the Red Cross bag) and lives in several different countries. He is visiting here for a few days to enjoy our “Scotland-like weather”.

    That’s the report from downtown!”

  2. Another mystery involved the owner of the local bookstore:

    When I arrived this morning and unlocked the store, there was a friendly German Shepherd inside. He’s hanging with me now. So … did anyone forget their dog here last night?

  3. Chicken giveaways (though you have provide your own housing – maybe there is no such thing as a free hen):

    4 chickens free to good home or stomach. We can eat’em, cause they were our pets. Just finished molt, so they aren’t laying right now, but when they do, we would get 4/day. They are free range. We are keeping their coop.

  4. An attempted pig giveaway (or at least, attempted pig owner location):

    Three not so little pigs are in my fenced pasture, about a mile up X Rd. I think they spent the night in a neighbor’s yard. One black, one black and white and another smaller black one.

    Anyone lose 3 pigs?

While I don’t know if the pigs were ever reunited with their rightful owner or if the chickens found a new home (hopefully vegetarian), I do know that I came to work one day and found that my coworker had gifted me with a dozen eggs which she had collected from her hens that morning:


You can’t get fresher than that. It was a nice surprise.

A YEAR AGO: A less nice surprise.

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2 Responses

Only in a small town would one get stories like these, I like it, thanks for the update. If only big towns would get back down to earth instead of having their cellphones in their hands and are at lost with what’s going on around them, we could share some of these simple stories.

Love those mysteries especially the guy on the motorized unicycle in the long black robe. There have been a few of that kind of mystery around here but there is not nearly the communication you enjoy.

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