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The Bee’s Knees
March 10th, 2016 by suzy in Friends,Special Occasions

Monica’s Shop

My friend Monica is always inspiring and creative. Her store is full of things both beautiful and practical, and the atmosphere is somehow both peaceful and exciting, because you never know what you’ll find.

Monica put her own twist on the First Friday tradition, by opening early instead of staying open late. She was surprised by the enthusiasm of the response: people were lined up fifteen minutes before the store was scheduled to open!

Inside, Monica was celebrating the bees, serving local roastery Thanksgiving’s Bee Bold blend coffee (a percentage of sales goes toward saving bees through Friends of the Earth) along with hand-made apple-ginger scones accompanied by honey-cinnamon butter. To go with the coffee, there was lavender sugar, and for non coffee drinkers, there was fresh spring water infused with berries, which was delicious.

Near the refreshments were displays of honeycombs, beeswax, and how bees produce honey as well as bee friendly plants to encourage local gardeners to attract and feed our endangered apian friends.

The artwork was by local children and was absolutely charming:


I was sorry that this delightful piece was sold, because I would have bought it immediately:


As it was, I settled for a handmade and sparkly bee pin:


You know how I love the sparkle.

A YEAR AGO: A trip into the past.

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Boy you seem to find beautiful places and stores to visit, I’m glad you also enjoy different art, this store looks to be a place to visit any day of the week, thanks for the photos. As you probably already know, I’m into buying finding and fixing stuff and re=selling these items online and at my garage sales in the summer. A great hobby that makes extra money to supplement my fixed income. Also a good way to balance my other extra activity of counseling.

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