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March 17th, 2015 by suzy in Family,Memories

Dad and Jonathan in Maine

This is one of the batch of photos John very kindly sent me recently. It shows Dad and Jonathan in Maine. I’m guessing that Jonathan is about 6 in this photo, which would make Dad about 40. See? Kittenish! I am further guessing that this is on Otter Cliff, a spectacular headland more than 100 feet high. We often walked from Sand Beach to Otter Cliffs along the ocean path.

I look back at those golden summer days with great fondness, when we’d be dropped off at the beach for hours, or sailed with Jonathan at the helm (“if not duffers, won’t drown”), or went to the annual book sale at the library, or had popovers as big as our heads at Jordan Pond House after climbing the Bubbles*.

As you know, I’ve been feeling pretty lucky lately. And I am lucky to have had a father who was not only my parent, but my best friend. I am thankful for all the wonderful moments we had together, from the rocky shores of Maine to the sunlit canals of Venice to the gilded palaces of Russia.

But when I think of Dad, as I do every day, I think of all the small moments, like his rolling around on the floor with me and laughing, or telling me stories, or carrying me on his shoulders. Yes, he was a great scientist, but he was also a great father.

Happy birthday, Dad. I’m glad you were born. And I’m glad I was born to you and Mom.

*You can imagine what their nickname was.

A YEAR AGO: Thinking about Dad. And dogs. Of course.

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What wonderful memories and how nice that you have been sent photos to go memory land once again. I love photos and know that once I dip into even one of our boxes..I am doomed for at least an hour….a wonderful hour!
It sounds as though you had a wonderful life with your Dad.

I’m Happy that you have so many good memories of your Dad, your many good moments and places you have visited and to still have deep attachment to your parents is wonderful. Nice to see such respect for your parents, respect is not a commodity, respect is a way of being.

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