Home Again

Sleeping Clyde

It was a good trip to the City. The drive home…not so much.

Along about Novato, the traffic slowed to an ooze, sometimes giving up on oozing to just sit there in the baking heat. I had the Blue Jays game on the stereo through my iPhone and the air conditioning blasting. It seems that Novato is the new Santa Rosa, where the traffic used to grind to a halt before they widened the highway there.

Later, I passed a CHP car with lights flashing, and a lot of broken glass by the side of the road, but otherwise no sign of a car accident. There were lighted signs on the highway telling me to conserve water* (though how, exactly, I was supposed to do this while in the car, I don’t know), but nothing warning me of delays of more than hour or incredibly slow traffic.

I finally got home close to 6:30, and Megan came by to pick up her pizza and help me unload the car, not necessarily in that order. She was amused when I told her that the counter guy at Victor’s – who is now used to my extreme take-out ways – told me that people from LA take Victor’s pizza home with them, too. So maybe I’m not that extreme after all.

The kitties were definitely happy to see me, and I was happy to see them. Also making me happy were: eating pizza while watching the final season of The Killing; sleeping in my own bed with the clean, country air pouring in the balcony door; kitties sleeping with me; waking up to the birds singing and a sunny Saturday.

It’s good to be home.

*There were billboards in San Francisco suggesting that we stop washing our cars to conserve water, so I drove my dusty, dirty car with pride on the hilly streets.

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3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Glad you made it home safely and as usual were met by your lovely sister Megan, not to mention, the cats, home sweet home, back to the things that really matter after all, love and comfort.

  2. Isn’t city driving ‘ the pits ‘ ? Glad your journey was completed without many problems – I guess all that traffic is a given… I think the ‘City Girl’ has definitely taken a back seat nowadays. It is nice to go, but infinitely better to return.
    Really enjoy your writing…I do wish you could publish your Blog . It always gives me a good read. Also your photography is always great. Thanks so much….

  3. It wasn’t the City – that’s where I learned to drive and I’m fine driving there. All the traffic ickiness was on the highway in Marin/Sonoma, north of SF. I think it’s only having 2 lanes. Also a Friday afternoon in summer doesn’t help!

    Thanks for the kind words. I think you are my biggest fan!

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