Covet: Splendid Shoes

The last couple of “Vogues” had some amazing shoes, especially if money is no object and you mostly travel by limo or taxi.

In the December issue, these plaid Rochas beauties ($980):

Amusingly, they were in the “gifts for country girls” section, along with a lavender chicken who lays multi-colored eggs. As I observed on Facebook, I wish country life were really the way “Vogue” envisions it. Somehow, I can’t imagine myself prancing through the mud puddles on my driveway in peeptoe slingbacks. Sadly.

Equally impractical, yet equally fabulous, are these curlicue heeled platforms from Charlotte Olympia*:

I had to wonder if the designer was inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel’s famous banana leaf wallpaper, not to mention the vintage 1940s white wrought-iron bar stools in the coffee shop:

Look no further than the fabulous finned cars of the 1950s for the inspiration for Prada’s gorgeous, limited edition ($1,450) shoes embellished with a crystal rose on the toes:

That’s about the average price of a new car in 1950.

*Vogue claims you can find them at, but I couldn’t. So the price remains mysterious.

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6 comments on “Covet: Splendid Shoes

  1. LisaB

    I feel like these should be called “shoes” since they actually impede your ability to walk, rather than assist. I find it depressing that the new standard heel height for nights out (in Vancouver at least) appears to be 4-5″ (usually with platform). It makes me despair for my gender actually, that so many of us voluntarily choose footwear that cripples our ability to do something as simple as walk.

    That’s my grumpy old person rant for the day – now get off my lawn! 🙂

  2. suzy

    They’re definitely better to look at than walk (or dance) in! 🙂

  3. Amber

    Those are crazy gorgeous, if completely not pratical for country living.

    I wear heels about twice a year, but I love it! If only for a night! I use to wear heeled boots to work everyday (where I sat) but I found even SITTING in the them was messing with my back so I stopped.

    It’s like those super cute bras. So pretty to look at but they don’t actually do the job they are supposed to (well, maybe if you’re an A cup. I’m not).

  4. Suzy

    Sometimes it’s fun to be impractical, whether it’s lingerie or footwear.

  5. Erica

    Wow, I wouldn’t have pegged the Olympias to the Beverly, great eye Miss Suzy! Meanwhile, I’m having an attack of Fluevog lust since they’re having a clearance sale – sigh. Btw, it rained here so much the other day that I dug out the ignominious cheap rubber boots from the Farm Supply Store to walk the kidlet to school.

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