Out & In

Sorry, poodles, I was swept away in a tsunami of work, rain, and power outages. But I’m back!

I missed you, too.

Since we last saw our heroine, she has both recovered her beloved MacBook and acquired a brand-new Pee Cee. This seems very appropriate for a Gemini, and in fact it is completely in keeping with the way things have always been with me computer-wise: PC for work, Mac at home (or Real Life).

Why the Pee Cee, you ask? Are you mad?! It’s like having a small Egyptian curse in the house! This is true, but here’s the problem. The Powers That Be at the firm who maintain our database on line from the traffic wilds of Atlanta saw fit to “upgrade” the system so it only runs on Explorer, which does not run on Mac.

Has upgrading ever made things better?

So my hands were tied with respect to work until I got the Pee Cee. The delivery was complicated by the fact that the FedEx truck broke down on the Ridge about three miles from my house. Since I had already observed the only tow truck going the other way with a trashed white car on my way home, I knew the delivery would be late.

Fortunately, I had already put a note on the door of the shed where FedEx and UPS deliver to our property, so even though I was supposed to sign for it, I didn’t have to, which was good, since it was about 9:00 pm by the time it got here.

Now all I have to do is transfer the files from the Mac and catch up on all the work I have not been able to do over the past week due to technical difficulties.

As for the Mac, I picked it up from the nice local computer fixers embarrassingly cleaned up and working just fine. We bonded over our shared affection for Buffalo, with its splendid Victorians, Frederick Law Olmstead-designed parks, and actual record stores.

The next day, the rain started in earnest, and I do mean earnest. We have received four inches (or more than 10 centimeters) in the past two days, and are slated to get more over the weekend. Don’t get me wrong: we need it, but does it have to be so hard and heavy? It’s so loud in my wood and tarpaper shack that I can barely hear the cats complaining about being stuck inside. There’s something about the curved shape of the roof/walls that seems to enhance the sound. It’s kind of like being assaulted, with the wind howling and the rain smashing and battering against the house.

Needless to say, the power went out, and of course it went out when I was finally done with a long series of conference calls that had started at 6 am. I speed dialed PG&E, only to be greeted with a gloomy recording saying that there were widespread power outages and power could be out for extended periods of time.

Fortunately, it wasn’t out that long, though the house was instantly cold and dark. My brother called a few hours later to ask if the power was still out – his never goes out, since he has solar and wind power – so he could walk me through getting the generator he gave me going. I thought that was really nice of him. It also reminded me that I should get a big can of gas and gas stabilizer, just in case.

I’m pretty sure there are more outages in my future.

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5 comments on “Out & In

  1. Pascale Soleil

    Was there a reason you couldn’t put Windows on you Mac and dual boot (or use something like Parallels)?

  2. Mike Charbonneau

    You could have just installed Windows on your Mac! That’s what I’ve done with my MacBook Pro so i can check websites on the dreaded IE.

  3. suzy

    Long story…

    My Mac actually *is* divided – I have to restart and hold down the option button, and then I can select Windows or Mac. Of course, this means shutting everything down in Mac and then restarting once I’m done with the PC crap, so I’ve never loved that.

    Anyway…I thought my Mac was actually dying, so I told my boss, and he said he wouldn’t buy me a Mac, since the database requires PC and Explorer (also PCs are WAY cheaper). So he bought me a new PC, which is fine. I can get all the work stuff off the Mac and have a separation of church and state, and not have to shut everything down every time I have to work.

    The nearest Apple store is a 6 hour drive round trip, so I was lucky to find a place that could fix my Mac a mere 45 minute drive away. They didn’t have a diagnostic appointment for almost a week, and then I had to wait for the part and then for it to be installed, so it took a while. Country living!

  4. Joy

    You lead such an exciting life, Suzy! It never rains but it pours, literally, in your neck of the woods. thank goodness you seem to be computer-literate.
    Btw. How are the cats? The youngsters must be settling down as we don’t seem to hear about breakages recently.


  5. suzy

    Kitties are fine. They’re glad that the rain has stopped again. They were pretty bored during the rainy spell.

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