Wait & See

Also in the Not Working department is the Kindle Fire I received for Christmas. Sort of.

The device itself, as you can see, works fine. The problem is that my router is incapable of getting along with it. I tried to persuade it to see the error of its selfish ways, but to no avail.

A call to the Kindle customer service people revealed that this is a common problem with Kndles, even for people who live in civilization. As Meryl Streep said after swallowing the magic potion in “Death Becomes Her” – “NOW a warning?!”

I tried it out at Mark’s place and it connected instantly. Same goes for a cafe in the Hooterville Flats. So I gave in and ordered the router. Now to wait for it to be delivered…

But since waiting and patience are not in my nature, I took the Kindle to the jobette yesterday (where, yes, it felt an immediate connection to our router), and downloaded both of the Michael Connelly ebooks (well, estories) that are not available in any other form.

Once I get the new and hopefully improved router and get it set up, the hard part will begin: learning how to use it. Wish me luck!

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2 comments on “Wait & See

  1. LisaB

    Let us know how you like it once you’ve had it for a bit. I was tempted by the Kobo Vox (the Fire’s Canadian twin) but stuck with my eink ereader mostly because of the insanely long battery life, but also because I was afraid I’d get distracted from reading by all the other gadgets (and internet)! It looks like a lovely device though!

  2. Guy Charbonneau

    Good luck with your new toy, hope it all works out.

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