Oh, dear!

The “low tire pressure” light came on in my car. I have come to learn that this alleged warning sign only comes on when the tire is already in fact flat, or basically dead. I have never once had it come on when there was not a disaster involved.

Fortunately for me, this happened when I was at the gas station near work. I decided that the best thing to do was to take it to the tire shop, which was not yet open, and return later with my keys.

In this, I was correct, because about a block away from the tire shop, I could hear metal on asphalt, never a happy sound or a good sign for a girl’s ever-svelte (and getting svelter) wallet. I barely made it to the tire shop. I rather regretted having a giant pink Kate Spade bag:

full of my laptop, a book, and other things and stuff as well as my lunch as I schlepped to work.

There was much schlepping involved that day, since I had to walk back again to bring them my keys and then return to work, and finally walk over there again after work to pick up Wednesday. They had applied a spare tire, so I had to drive slowly and majestically, trying not to look at the ominous and unnerving “low tire pressure” light on the long drive home. At least it’s tourist season and no one is driving fast.

They ordered a new tire for me and told me that the other ones were healthy, at least for now.

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