Am I the only one who hates coming up with titles for posts? Preferably clever ones?

Speaking of clever: I ended up at the gym today wearing sandals. Slightly platform (yet surprisingly comfortable) ones. I felt like that scene in Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, where they’re on the treadmill wearing platform shoes. I soon discovered that you aren’t allowed in the weight room with unsuitable shoes on. However, the treadmill, lunges and squats aren’t out of the question. Unfortunately.

It could have been worse. I could have been wearing high heeled, marabou trimmed mules, as pictured above. I probably would have gotten sent home for those.

I almost missed the bus home, absorbed in Diablo Cody’s (author of the delightful movie Juno) memoir, Candy Girl, about a year she spent being a stripper in Minnesota, a place you would have thought far too cold for stripping. The bus stopped suddenly at the sight of an unexpected police car blocking the road, and I toppled into the lap of a high school kid, who said, “I just got me a lap dance, baby!” and high fived me.

I’m blaming the shoes.