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March 11th, 2014 by suzy in Bullshit,Cats,Family,Special Occasions,Work

Or, sweepings from the corners of my life…

The big moment!

In just a couple of hours, my boss from the jobette (third from the left, or the rebel with the long hair, as my co-worker phrased it) will be meeting President Obama. Can you believe it? Instead of being at his desk in our office (a converted JP Penney store), he will be standing in the Oval Office with the most powerful man in the world. He might even get to shake the president’s hand! The occasion is the President’s signing into law an act making the Stornetta Public Lands on the beautiful south coast part of the California National Monument, protecting its breathtaking views and sensitive ecosystem forever.

I’ve been participating in the twice monthly conference calls dedicated to this project for a year now, so I feel that in some small way I am part of this success for our county. My father (whose birthday is less than a week away) would be proud.

So, yeah…health insurance.

Jarrett’s been helping me find my way through the labyrinthine maze of health insurance. As I suspected, I make “too much” money to qualify for assistance with the premiums. You’d think I’d be used to being squeezed like a lemon as a member of the rapidly dwindling middle class, but I’m still bitter about paying $250 a month for it, especially since I’m still paying off Wednesday for the next two years or something.

I get to pay $250 a month and the cost (“co pay”) to see the doctor is about the same and the prescription cost is more than I pay now, without insurance.


Speaking of Jarrett, there was an earthquake on Sunday night, centered 50 miles out in the ocean from the town where Jarrett lives, which is a two hour drive north of Hooterville. Jarrett was fine and there was no damage. I didn’t feel it, though Megan did. She said it was the longest one she could remember in quite a while, and Jarrett agreed.

I think even the earth is revolted by the hideousness of the time change. I know I am.

Megan came home yesterday to find Audrey in her – that is, Megan’s – bedroom. At first Megan thought it was her cat Ramona, who is also a tabby but is much bigger than Audrey, until she got one of Audrey’s patented Stinky Looks before Audrey vacated the premises.

I wonder how often my cats go over there and what they do when they are there. Maybe it’s because Megan is their Staff when I’m away and so they think of her house as kind of their other house?

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Quite a project you were working on and great results from all your efforts, your father would certainly be proud of his little girl, congratulations are in order. Sorry to hear however that your health insurance will not be covered and you do not qualify for assistance but maybe latter once the system is in full force things will get easier on everyone. I know that we have a great system here and as we get older there is much to be appreciated with a health insurance plans.

The costs should drop as more people participate. I don’t know why I mind paying for health insurance more than car/renter’s insurance.

We are all pretty excited about Stornetta up here! I heard CBS was sending a news truck today.

What a shame about the Health Insurance especially when so much was expected of it.

Congrats upon the Stornetta project….a real feather in your cap, I think


Health insurance is supposed to be less expensive as more people sign up…we’ll see. The thing I like about the Canadian system is that rich people can’t get out of paying the GST that funds it!

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