Monica’s Birthday

The unexpected rain also derailed Monica’s plans for her birthday party on the beach. As the day grew nearer and the weather forecast became more ominous, it became clear that she would have to come up with a Plan B. Fortunately, a friend who has a large, mostly covered deck was able to host the party.

Megan picked me up after work and we headed over to the party.

Monica greeted us at the door and asked us to choose a slip of paper without looking from a little container on this little table by the front door:

Megan’s said “Beauty” and mine said “Harmony”. On the deck, there were rocks painted by Monica, and we each chose one. Then we decorated them with Sharpies in keeping with our theme words. Monica is going to spray them with a plastic coating and put them in her rock garden:

You can see Megan’s rock on the left and mine is next to it, leaning against the painted tree slice.

Everything Monica does, she does in style:

She painted this slice of tree trunk with blackboard paint in the middle to make a tic tac toe board. The game pieces are stones painted with ladybugs and daisies, in honor of Monica’s dogs Lady Bug and Daisy. So cute!

Isn’t that a cool idea? She is so creative.

There were candles and little jars of wildflowers tied with lace everywhere, a fire pit, and even a guitarist singing softly. We had a great time. Sometimes Plan B be can be better than Plan A!