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Nov 28 2001


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Today is my sister Beth & her husband Harry’s 20th anniversary! They are spending it in Italy (they live in England, so getting there takes them about the same amount of time as it takes me to get to LA), and I hope they’re having a happy, romantic time. Like you can have a bad time in Italy.

Harry said he would get the train tickets to London, where their flight left from, but he didn’t. Instead, he booked a limo with champagne, chocolate, flowers, the works! Any trip that starts out that way has to be good.

I’m really glad for them. They got married when they had both been 20 for a month, Beth was already expecting Catherine (born the following July) and they were both still in college. They’ve been through a lot, but have two wonderful kids and a happy life together. Quite an achievement!

Oddly, both of my sisters got married when they were just 20. It was the furthest thing from my mind when I was 20. I was still shopping. And the thought of being legally bound to any decision I made when I was 20 years old, let alone one as important as that, just fills me with horror. So my sisters must be much more mature than I am, because they are both still happily married. 20 years for Beth & Harry today, 10 years for Megan & Rob this past July, and 11 years for me and Rufus next month. So far, so good. And I can personally tell you: romance and passion get stronger with the years.

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