An evening with Brian

We had a fantastic time with Candi’s adorable fianc? Brian last night. He had a few hours to kill before his flight back home, which left SFO at 12:15 am. Yes, am. Poor guy — the whole time we were sleeping last night, he was either flying or waiting to fly. And which is worse? Especially when your layover is exactly as long as the flight you’re waiting for.

Travel vicissitudes notwithstanding, we had a wonderful time. The three or so hours we had together just flew by. We chatted at our place for a while, and although Brian’s allergic to cats, ours didn’t set them off. They all inspected him and sniffed him carefully, though, suspicious of the Cheeto bouquet, no doubt.

Then we went to our favorite cozy little Italian restaurant for a great dinner. We talked about everything under the sun, and before we knew it, it was time for him to go. But he’ll be back next month! Now, if only Candi could come with him — but what would she do in Sacramento for three days? One of these days, they’ll both have to come out here and visit for a few days.

By the way…I had promised Candi that I wouldn’t let Brian touch our computer. I figured it was probably like being a doctor and having people at parties try to get free diagnoses along with their martinis, but he couldn’t resist checking it out (I swear! It was his idea!) and in about 60 seconds, made it better. We thought we’d have to buy a hub so we could have the printer, scanner and DSL all hooked up, but no. It only needed a minute of Brian. The man is a genius. And a really great guy.