Keeping time

I finally picked up my adorable watch, now repaired October 23 entry). It took a million years for it to be fixed, because the guy who usually does it is on a trip to China and hasn’t come back (hmmm). So a replacement guy was doing it, and he was very, very slow.

Since it took so long, I bought a replacement watch while I was waiting. By the time my original watch was repaired, I had gotten quite fond of the Other Watch. But when I picked up the Original Watch, not only fixed but with all its diamonds cleaned, I immediately remembered why I loved it so much. This must be an emotion experienced by many cheating spouses. Like them, I think I’ll keep the Other One around, just in case. And in the meantime, I can enjoy being all sparkly again.

I have to start working on my willpower, though. Currently, I don’t have any (or patience, either), and while picking up my watch I was unable to resist buying a pair of earrings. They are little studs set in matte silver, small, and set with raw unpolished opals. I’m wearing them right now. I think it’s going to take me some time to get used to this nouveau pauvre thing. In the meantime, I will try to stay away from jewelry stores, no matter how much I need retail therapy.