Babar, the little elephant

So I wore an outfit today which I haven’t worn for a while. I really like it, but I find that since I wore it last, I have gotten so much thinner that the outfit (black velvet top and black pants with 4 inches of embroidery and beading at the hem) is no longer cute on me. I feel like Babar in his giant green suit, or possibly Celeste, though she always wore a dress (and the same one, too, like Wilma and Betty. Cartoon girls are often sartorially underprivileged). I wore it on purpose because we’re finally going to see “From Hell” after work today and then going out to dinner, and I wanted to look cute. I guess it would helped if I noticed this before I left the house this morning, but trust me, you don’t notice much at 5 am. Getting dressed at all should be enough of an achievement at that hour. Not to mention contact lenses.

I seem to be congenitally incapable of working today, possibly due to clothing trauma but probably due to terminal laziness. Shopping always makes me feel better, so I went in my Babar suit to Victoria’s Secret, where I got a see-through purple bra with silver sequins, and then I got “The House of Mirth” on DVD. But I still feel like Babar.

PS I realize I shouldn’t bitch about being thinner, but it just goes to show that I can find the black lining to any silver cloud. And it makes absolutely no sense, because ever since I got deprived of dessert last Friday, I have been eating Baci every day.