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October 29th, 2015 by suzy in Calamity Suzy,Country Life,Family

The vertigo is fading, though it still rears its ugly head when I lay down my pretty one, and reminds me that it’s still around when I sit up in the morning. I am in line for a referral to a physiotherapist, who is supposed to do some kind of desensitization therapy which I hope will get rid of the vertigo for good (which would definitely be good). A friend of a friend is also casting a spell for me. Whatever works.

Maybe it’s the “it will take you longer to recover because of your age” remark from the doc (who is at least 15 years older than I am), but I keep worrying that this is the beginning of the long, slow decline into old age, even though I’m not that old and I have always been pretty healthy. Maybe I took it for granted all these years. I promise to appreciate it more if the vertigo goes away forever. I swear!

While I was languishing in dizzy world, my sibs were busily canning the garden produce, and I came home one day to find that either the Food Fairy had stopped by, or Santa was doing a trial run*. There were jars of tomato sauce, relish, and salsa verde:


So in the depths of winter, we can open a jar and taste summer again.

*I may not have a chimney, but I do have a wide variety of unlocked doors for the jolly old elf to choose from. Assuming Luna and Lupe (or Audrey) don’t chase him away.

A YEAR AGO: Rejoicing over the Giants’ third World Series win in 5 years. Next year, boys. Next year.

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I recall the dismay the first time I wondered if this was the first indication of a decline into old age. Sadly too many people will try to point those incidents out, too. Here’s an answer for when you forget something when a younger person suggests you are getting older: “Look, I am older that you and so I have gathered so much more knowledge that is stored in my brain. This is not forgetfulness this is the difficulty of searching a larger database than yours, it just takes longer to go through all that data.”

I’m glad that you’re feeling a bit better Suzy. Getting older is what all of us do, we have no choice in the matter. What we have a choice with is our attitude towards ourselves. Not that your illness is fun to have but I have seen and consoled many young people with all kinds of long term sickness usually reserved for the older folks. I think your very lucky considering that you’re otherwise healthy. Don’t get down on yourself, you will get through this as you have with other problems.

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