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On the Road Again
October 16th, 2013 by suzy in Travel,Work

Travel has certainly ramped up during the last quarter of the year (can you tell I’m swamped with quarter-end tasks?). First there was the sudden, yet long (the driving part) trip to Reno, then a flying visit to San Francisco. Tomorrow I head to Los Angeles for a few days, and about a week after I get back, I’ll be off to Atlanta.

The Atlanta visit is mandated by our friends at the SEC – yet another gift from Bernie Madoff. I will drive four hours, then fly for five (overnight) to have a two hour meeting the following day. Unlike my boss/partner, I am not tough (or crazy) enough to turn around and head back to the airport the same day, like I did on that hell trip to Detroit last year, so I’ll stay overnight and fly to San Francisco the next day. Having an equal enthusiasm for the four hour drive following the five hour flight, I’ll probably stay in the city overnight and then head back to Hooterville.

Somehow I have to fit in both jobs and working on the smartphone app during all this transit. Wish me luck!

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Have a safe trip Suzy, will be thinking of you, make sure you take time for yourself between your travels.

Good luck! Have a Coke when you’re in Atlanta.

Have safe journeys….& try to enjoy yourself too….

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