Birthday Wishes

Birthday Report Card

Foggy, overcast: C

Work day (ugh): D

A million and a half birthday emails, some unexpected, and one announcing a new kitten and an engagement (in the PS!): A+

Also Facebook love: A+

Actual birthday cards (bonus points: Hand-written letter received the day before my birthday, with drawings): A+

No money to actually do anything: F

Dow is up! A

Watched Blue Jays game with morning coffee : A

But they lost: F

Bottle of California “champagne” in refrigerator (to open with the Detroit/Pittsburgh game – guess Detroit isn’t going to win the Stanley Cup on my birthday this year): A

Blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup for breakfast: A

Average: B

On the birthday covet list:

The Birds Barbie (every girl should have a Barbie before she turns 50):

Chanel’s Facettes D’Or Limited Edition Gold Fiction Nail Colour:

Boxed Set of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley Series:

A bottle (or two!) of the Widow:

A day with the fabulous K, including a stop at Dr. Nails and flowers on our toes.

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. I know you love me – xo xo

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4 comments on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Joy F

    Like to-day’s Blog. You always make it so interesting, a different spin so often. Thanks…

    On the whole, not a bad day, Suzy…. Nice to start out with pancakes…mmm….

    Hope this year looks up for you….


  2. Guy

    Well, you made your birthday an interesting one, like Joyce says, a different spin on your blog made your birthday look like a happy one, which I hope it was for you, you certainly have many people who love you and that is a gift in itself.

  3. Mike

    Is it weird that I like The Birds Barbie?

  4. suzy

    Thanks, everyone!

    Mike – I think it just means that you are a Hitchcock fan who is calmly sure of his masculinity. 🙂

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