The Bad Habit

Well, this is becoming a bad habit. Get up early, go to sleep late, have a series of nightmares that wake me up throughout the night. On Thursday, I got up at 4:30 am, when Clyde joyfully leaped onto my unsuspecting stomach. It is a very effective wake up call, though more enjoyable for the leaper than the landing pad.

Since I took Friday off as a mental health day, I had an adult beverage or two after work on Thursday night while watching playoff hockey and staying up until 11:00 pm, fueled by fantasies of the Maple Leafs David beating the Goliath Washington Capitals. I know all the odds are against it, but a girl can hope.

I figured I’d sleep in until it was light outside on Freedom Friday, but I was as wrong about that as I probably am about the Maple Leafs. After a restless night of bad dreams, I finally gave up on the whole thing before 5:00 am.

After the requisite caffeination and cat duties, I threw in a load of laundry and did some cooking for during the week, including this delicious recipe. I left out the cilantro, upped the ginger, and used half sweet paprika and half smoked paprika, and threw the olives in near the end of the cooking instead of boiling them separately (Why? Why?). While things were cooking and cleaning, I finished a data entry project for my friends at the former jobette and emailed it over to them.

The jobette may not be so former after all. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but I am once again considering working Saturdays this summer.

You may recall that after a change in leadership at the jobette last year, the New Guy decided to close on Saturdays, among other unpopular decisions that ended up costing him his entire staff. After wreaking havoc in just a few short months, he quit and went back from whence he came, to the relief of all.

The current CEO seems very nice. We had a good meeting where he asked if I would consider doing data entry, blog writing, and working on Saturdays. He is willing to pay me more than I make at my real job, so it’s hard to say no, though I am a little worried about getting burned out. Decision-making, as you know, is not among my few talents. Maybe if/when I make a decision, I can finally start sleeping better.

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3 comments on “The Bad Habit

  1. Guy

    Sorry to hear about your restless nights Suzy, you have to try and relax a bit more, there must be something you like to do to get your mind at ease. The idea of working Saturdays may not be the best solution and yet working in a nice environment with nice people may help to make you relax a bit more. Only you can decide this after giving it some thought. Always remember, you are the most important person in your world and what makes you feel good is good for you. Working never killed anyone but worrying does.

  2. Tim

    A friend of mine had a similar adventure around 4 a.m. last night, only her friend brought her a live shrew to play with chasing it through the folds of blankets and comforters until she managed to catch it in a jar and take it outside as far away from the house as she dared to go in her night clothes and released it.

  3. Suzy

    Guy, those are good points!

    Tim, I shouldn’t complain. At least no wildlife was involved!

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