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Merry Christmas
December 25th, 2016 by suzy in Country Life,Family,Special Occasions

Christmas Jessica

Merry Christmas, y’all! Hope you are having a wonderful, festive day!

We had a wonderful, festive evening yesterday, though a much smaller gathering than at Thanksgiving. My brother’s girlfriend Rio was in Portland with her brand-new grandson; Clayton had to stay in the city to finish up a painting job; and Lichen scorned Christmas like an unreformed Grinch, as he had promised.

But Erica and Jessica swept in, bearing a silver platter of incredible truffles: dark chocolate with whipped white chocolate and peppermint filling, adorned with crushed candy cane:


They were so good that I forgot to take a picture until they were nearly gone.

Jonathan arrived with Hamzilla, Turkzilla’s only slightly smaller cousin:


He also brought a keg of our hard cider and a bottle of applejack, made by freeze distilling the hard cider. Jonathan reminded me that Hoho, our wonderful grandfather, used to make it using the plentifully available snow around his house in New York state. I had forgotten about that.

Along with Hamzilla, we had salad with roasted pears and fresh pomegranate, mashed potatoes from the garden, Erica’s refreshing salad of fennel and oranges, and of course, cheese biscuits:


After dinner, we had the traditional reading of “Red Ranger Came Calling”, with Jonathan and Jessica alternating pages:


I think Jessica would make an excellent actress. She is utterly poised and confident, and her reading is so expressive. She packs a lot of showmanship into her reading.

Jonathan had invited a couple of friends, and this posed something of a dilemma to us, since we did not have stockings for them. We had planned to open ours before they arrived, but this plan was foiled by their timing. We feared that we would have to be rude and open ours in front of them, but we procrastinated long enough that they left before we could open the stockings. As they left, they said to Jonathan, “You really undersold this evening!”

A YEAR AGO: A wonderful Christmas

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4 Responses

So glad you all had a wonderful, delicious food for this magical Christmas, what a great way to celebrate not only the season but celebrate life with family and friends. I also had my family over yesterday and celebrated with my girlfriend and her family today. Great time of the year.

Happy to hear that you had such a wonderful Christmas with your family and girlfriend! Happy holidays to you and yours!

Sounds as though a good time was had by all. The food looks & sounds wonderful.
I cannot get over how Jessica has grown into such a young lady – it seems overnight! – and I love her long hair . She has always been quite lovely. She also seems to be quite unspoiled. In this day and age I think this is remarkable.
I feel rather cheated that you don’t live closer to us.

A Very Happy Christmas to you, Suzy, and all your family & friends xx

Jessica is amazing. She is very unspoiled. I’m glad I can share her wonderfulness with you!

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