Roadside America

Waking up when it’s light outside with cats sleeping peacefully on the bed and not (I’m looking at you, Queen Audrey) demanding to be let out: priceless.

It’s good to be home after my mini road trip north, and it’s a delightful coincidence that I am home on the anniversary of the day I moved to Hooterville, aided and abetted by family, as I am in most things. I’m so glad I moved here seven years ago!

As for the trip home, I concluded my Roadside America adventure with a visit to the One Log House near Piercy. It is, as its name suggests, a huge redwood log which someone had the bright idea of hollowing out to make into a bijou residence back in the 1940s. The tree it came from was over 2,000 years old and the house is 32 feet long. It is adorable inside, comprising a kitchen:


and a bedroom:


and a living room:


Looking back at the front door from the living room:


It’s pretty cozy, and other than being totally windowless (presumably, the builder was chipped out and couldn’t bear to chip out windows after creating the house), pretty livable. Maybe I’m just used to really small and eccentric houses. Whoever made this was way ahead of the Tiny House movement!

Back on the road, I took 101 (relatively) straight to Willits, where traffic slowed down dramatically. I picked up a delicious dinner at El Mexicano, completing the take-out/delivery theme on my roadside America trip. I turned onto 20, and drove through the sun-dappled redwoods to the summit with its spectacular view . As usual when driving this road, I marveled that it was the original covered wagon route to the coast. How did they do it?

Arriving home, I found kitties who missed me as much as I missed them. It’s good to be home.

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3 comments on “Roadside America

  1. Guy

    An amazing and beautiful work of art if I may put it that way. To be able to sense the mysteries of sleeping in such an old miracle of Mother Nature is just fantastic. This was worth your trip alone as far as I’m concern, Glad you enjoyed a good time, you deserved it.

  2. suzy

    Agreed! I loved it and it was totally worth the trip in itself. It’s not every day you stand inside a tree that’s two millennia old!

  3. Joy Fielder

    The tree house is just wonderful…..the first of the tiny houses…..

    Isn’t it great to have the kitties so welcoming. I really cannot imagine entering a home without a pet there – we have always had an animal/s…. They are loving and totally forgiving . Real treasures

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