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On Hold

   Nov 11

On Hold

It’s heavenly now

There’s not much news on the job front, and what there is, is not particularly encouraging.

The legal wranglings continue at the jobette, with seemingly countless meetings and no decisions. I’ve said it before, and I hope I don’t say it again, but when there are lawyers in your life, things are not going well.

I have not heard back from either of the local jobs I applied for 6 weeks ago. My friend Jim stopped in at one of them and reported back that they have not filled it yet, and also took the opportunity to put in a good word for me, which I really appreciate. Hopefully they are just a little more relaxed in their hiring process than the imminently unemployed (and unpaid) would really prefer.

I received a 90 on the test for the county job, which Megan so valiantly chauffeured me to last month. Included with this news was the surprising fact that so few people – of the ten who took it, including me – passed the test that the county was waiving the “oral examination” portion of the testing. So I won’t have to make the long drive and/or take more time off work for testing.

On the other hand, the missive said that this put everyone in a pool without ranking them, and that those of us in the pool can’t contact the county to find out more until three weeks have elapsed, which is Thanksgiving. That’s another unfortunate thing about the timing of these simultaneous job losses: the holidays. People rarely hire other people during the holidays.

I have to hope that things work out before my pay runs out in February, a truly horrifying prospect. Much as I did when the Grand Jury summons was hanging over my head, I keep thinking about how perfect everything was before it all fell apart. All I want is to stay in my little hippie hovel and be with my cats and pay off my car. Is that too much to ask?


A beautiful day in San Francisco. Is there any other kind?

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  1. No, it isn’t.

    It’s remarkable how someone else’s decision can change your life.

    I’m rooting for you.

  2. Guy says:

    Hang in there Suzy, I’m sure something will come up soon to make your day just a little better. As for your test I knew you would be doing well at it, 90 is certainly more than respectable, it’s what I expected you would do. Before the sun comes up, it’s usually dark or cloudy, it will come out soon for you, as I said, hang in there, we are all pulling for you.

  3. Joy says:

    Good vibes coming from here too…….All your friends ( & relatives I’m sure ) are rooting for you. Don’t lose heart.


  4. suzy says:

    Thanks, everyone!

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