Feel It All Around

Things have been on the dark side during these bright spring days. My boss/partner/friend of decades lost his father and aunt within days of each other; his uncle received Last Rites last night; my brother’s friend lost her mother just days after her first grandchild was born; and, lastly and most shockingly, my friend J died last week.

J was one of the grooms in the beautiful wedding last summer that was one of the high points of the year for me. I will never forget the joy and love with which these two were finally able to claim each other after a quarter of a century together. I expected their married life together to be a long and happy one. It was happy, but it was cut short by J’s death of complications following surgery. His widower has nothing but good words to say about the dedicated and hard-working staff at the hospital, who all worked so hard to try and save him.

He was 69.

I have been in daily touch with his widower, who is doing better than I expected. He stopped by the jobette this week after making the necessary arrangements and I was impressed by his strength and courage. He will plan a celebration of his husband’s life at a later date, which will be presided over by the Sikh who married them just nine short months ago.

It just feels like there’s been too much death, too much loss lately. May has been the new August this year. I hope things get brighter and happier for all concerned, and I wish those who have lost loved ones the comfort of happy memories as well as the strength to bear the sad ones.

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3 comments on “Feel It All Around

  1. Guy

    There is nothing easy about accepting death of people we have known and loved but it is part of who we are as humans. These friends, family, even our pets are on loan to us, we must take time to enjoy their presence while they are still here and respect them on their next journey as you have done.

  2. Joy

    This certainly has been a hard time for you, Suzy. So sorry for your loss …. you and Guy have such a way with words that I think you have both said all that I wish to convey too.


  3. suzy

    Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts! xo

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