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February 10th, 2012 by suzy in Family

Yesterday, Megan and Rob made the long trek to Civilization (and back) to see the surgeon who worked on Rob’s neck last summer.

The news was not good. The repair is basically collapsing, partly because they used cadaver bone instead of Rob’s own bone, and partly, the surgeon says, because Rob is such a heavy smoker and apparently this thins the bone along with all the other bad side effects.

The doctor says he can’t operate on Rob until he quits smoking, which will be a difficult endeavor for someone who smokes two packs a day and can’t do much to distract himself from the horrors of quitting. It’s not like he can play video games or go bike riding or something like that to keep his mind occupied.

Also it looks like another vertebra will need to be fixed soon.

On the other hand, I can’t believe that anyone can think that Rob can work at this point. He’s had three surgeries in four years and is facing more. He can’t sit, stand, walk, or even lie down for long periods of time. His left hand doesn’t work too well. He can’t really move his head from side to side or drive more than 5 miles. He walks like Frankenstein’s monster. So hopefully this bad news will help at the disability hearing next week. Maybe something good will come out of something really bad.

I was glad that I reinstated Thursday night dinners last month, since they came home to dinner being ready after a long, stressful day. And Megan was happy to discover that I left her a much-needed cocktail in the refrigerator. Sometimes it really is the little things that count.

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What courage this Rob has, to think that some complain about a simple cold, he truly is an amazing soul, good luck to someone who truly deserves the help.

You could suggest he try Zyban; it’s what I used to quit smoking. Its odd; you continue smoking while you’re on it, then pick a day to stop and do so. For the first week you can’t see how it’ll work but when you do stop in your second week, it does. Strange. Many years later and I still find the slightest whiff of smoke disgusting. For me, it truly is a wonder drug.

Mike – that sounds great. Coincidentally Rob is seeing his dr. on Monday so will make sure he asks about that. Thank you!!

I should add, you have to want to stop. Nothing will work if you don’t have the want; believe me. I think I tried quitting 5 or 6 times and had actually quit for 3 years before I picked it up again. The difference this time is I never have an urge and now I can’t imagine that I ever smoked. Best of luck; I remember how difficult it is.

Unfortunately, he has no choice, He can’t get the surgery repaired until he stops, and if he doesn’t stop, the screws in the hardware keeping his neck together will start pushing into his esophagus, requiring, you guessed it, more surgery. So he HAS to, whether he wants to or not. The stakes are too high.

My gosh! What a truly awful time Rob is, and has been having. all the help he needs should be extended to him. It seems wicked for him to have to put up with such pain and misery.
All best wishes to Rob and Meg….


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