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January 14th, 2009 by suzy in Uncategorized

Of the many things you could say about Oakland (so completely not San Francisco; 5th most dangerous city in the country), “boring” isn’t one of them.

As I greenly boarded the bus today after a session at the gym, which is located beside scenic Lake Merritt, but is also a parking nightmare, I seemed to have interrupted a lecture already in progress. A guy with a broken leg lounged on the front seat, his cast propped up with his crutches. Beside him was a bag with a photo of George Bush taped to it, with the legend, “IMPEACH AND IMPRISON”.

He’d better hurry up.

Today’s lesson was history:

  • “Now, all you hear about is that Columbus. Columbus ain’t discovered America. Was Amerigo Vespucci! Ve-spucci!! That’s why we called “America”, fools. Amerigo Vespucci!”
  • “We sending Israel $10 million a day. Think what we could do in Oakland with just one day.” Pause. “Israel a murder state. Every day.” Reflectively: “Ten million dollars.”
  • “People don’t know this, but the second World Trade Center Tower fell first. Reason is, it got hit in the middle, and the first tower, it got hit on the shoulder. It’s like you get shot. You die faster, you get shot in the gut, than in the shoulder.”
  • “We trained Osama Bin Laden. You remember back in the 1970s, Russia invaded Afghanistan? The CIA went over and trained Osama Bin Laden, and he threw 150,000 Russians out of Afghanistan. That what he did. And that how he knows how to !@%@! with us. ‘Cause we done taught him how.”

Both my body and my mind got a workout today!

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Haha…the scary thing is how on the money he is. 😉

You do live an interesting life…………


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